Personalised support to enable people ambitious about impact to overcome challenges and achieve their goals

I work with

Purpose-driven professionals

Looking for clarity on their direction and the courage to pursue it, or wanting a better work-life fit.

Leaders of high impact initiatives

Ready to make a step-change in their leadership or their organisation’s impact and long-term sustainability.

Social intrapreneurs

In need of support to balance personal and professional passions and create change against the grain.

If, like them, you feel:

Coaching with me can help you:

What coaching involves

Every coaching session is different and led by the client’s personal needs and goals. Ways we might use our time together include:

What coaching involves

Every coaching session is different and led by the client’s personal needs and goals. Ways we might use our time together include:

How you can work with me

Power Planning

90-minutes of sound-boarding to problem-solve or craft a plan for the coming months

Tier 1: £100
Tier 2: £150

Make a change

Three months of support to gain clarity, set direction and take steps towards your goal

Tier 1: £570
Tier 2: £850

Lead the way

A year of partnership to navigate change or step up in your leadership role

Tier 1: £1500
Tier 2: £2250

Looking for something different? I can tailor my coaching to your needs, get in touch to explore your options.


Coaching involves working with a trained professional on your personal development, or towards a goal you have. It is based on the belief that we are each the expert in ourselves and and our situations, so the coachee is best-placed to find their way and resolve their challenges.

When a coach and coachee meet for a coaching session, the coachee brings the topic of conversation; something that feels important for them to make progress on. The coach will use tools and skills – such as listening deeply, observing body language, and asking thought-provoking questions –  to guide the coachee through an exploration of their topic, helping them to come up with new insights and ways forward.

Outside sessions the coachee will take action, coming to new insights about themselves and how they might get to where they want to be. 

Coaching is best-suited to people who want to make progress in a specific area of their work or life, are prepared to put the work into achieving that themselves, and would like some support or accountability to keep them on track.

If we haven’t met, the chances are that you don’t yet! It’s a good idea to speak to one or more potential coaches before deciding who you’d like to work with, as the dynamic between you is going to be important to the success of the coaching. 

To find the right coach, consider what matters to you, for example: Would you prefer your coach to have professional experience of working or coaching in a specific field or role? Should they have training in a particular type of coaching? Are you looking for someone who will offer a high level of support, challenge you to think differently, or push you to take action?

I would describe my coaching as high-support, medium-challenge. I take a strengths-based approach, which means we start by understanding your strengths and what’s working well, and look to build on these to get to where you want to be. You can read about my qualifications below. 

The best way to find out if I’m the right coach for you is to book a call.

I am accredited with the International Coaching Federation at ACC Level – to attain this I completed over 200 hours of recognised coach training, 100 hours of coaching practice, had a live coaching session assessed, and passed a three-hour exam. 

I hold a Professional Coach Diploma from Optimus Coach Academy – a qualification that is recognised by all three of the main coaching bodies (ICF, AC & EMCC), so I’ve been trained, assessed and approved to coach at a Professional level. Prior to this I completed the MOE Coaching Certificate (a course I now co-lead as a trainer).

I have a particular interest in wellbeing and positive psychology, so I have also trained as a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England), and a Certified Happiness Facilitator (Musuem of Happiness & Complementary Medicine Association).

I offer two pricing tiers to ensure that my services remain accessible to those who most need them, while enabling me to continue investing in the training and supervision that allow me to serve all clients to the highest standards.

If you work for a small charity or social enterprise with limited resources to support staff training and strategy development, earn a lower than average salary, or need to closely manage your spending right now for other reasons, then Tier 1 is for you. 

If you work in an organisation that is well-resourced to support your personal development, earn a higher than average salary, or feel comfortable financially for other reasons, I invite you to pay the Tier 2 rate.

If neither of these tiers feel right for you, please get in touch to explore alternative options.

Absolutely, yes! Leadership is not a job title, it is a set of qualities and behaviours that I believe we are all capable of.

I know it can feel a funny title to apply to ourselves sometimes, but if you are someone who is thoughtful about the path you’re carving in work and life, and wants to make a difference to others in some way, then I consider you a leader and I’d be delighted to work with you.

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