About me

Helping leaders and teams amplify social impact
and accelerate systems change

Hello, I'm Natalie

My work is driven by a vision for a more equitable world, where everyone can fulfil their potential, and where we live with care for each other and the planet. I’m passionate about supporting people and organisations working for this.

During my 15+ years working in this space, I’ve seen how challenging it can be; the pressure to achieve so much with such limited resources, to constantly demonstrate ‘value for money’, the need for resilience and the loneliness of leadership.

Drawing on the skills and experience I’ve gained through diverse roles focused on social change, I work in and at the intersections of three areas:

  • Strategy & leadership development
  • Learning design & delivery
  • Evaluation & impact management
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How I got here

Early in my career, working in the charity sector, I co-designed courses on strategic giving. This involved listening to social impact leaders, understanding different approaches to driving change and developing a systems-thinking mindset.

Curious about the societal role of businesses, next I worked on leadership development projects designed to be mutually beneficial for corporates and charity partners. An important aspect of this work was assessing its effectiveness at achieving a range of outcomes for partners and participants.

Excited by the potential for startups established with social good in mind from the very beginning, I then moved into the tech-for-good space. Here, I supported teams to embed ‘impact management’ into their operations, so that as their organisations grow so too will their ability to create and measure impact.

When I started freelancing in 2019, naturally I wanted to help more organisations maximise their impact. Training as a coach in the years since has helped me hone a skillset that’s become integral to my work, which now brings together threads from across my career:

  • Strategic-thinking and a systems mindset.
  • Understanding leadership & supporting leaders.
  • Designing effective learning experiences.
  • Defining and measuring outcomes.
  • Building learning cultures.

Working for impact

Some of the things I’m proud to have achieved include:

  • Co-Leading the Climate Safe Lending Fellowship, equipping banking intrapreneurs with the leadership and systems-change skills to drive greater bank climate action.
  • Creating and embedding an impact measurement framework for social mobility focused coaching training startup Circl.
  • Delivering workshops on programmes run by the Social Tech Trust, Microsoft and Mayor of London, among others.
  • Facilitating impact-focused events with diverse groups, in boardrooms, community centres, schools and prisons, as a Senior Manager at Three Hands.
  • Planning courses in strategic philanthropy in the UK, Europe and South America, focused on themes ranging from reducing reoffending to environmental conservation, for the Charities Aid Foundation and Institute for Philanthropy.
  • Completing a psychology-focused coaching diploma and gaining accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Training aspiring coaches as a co-lead trainer for the MOE Foundation.
  • Climbing Yr Wyddfa (Mount Snowdon) as a sighted guide with a group of visually impaired hikers.
A venn diagram showing three overlapping themes: strategy and leadership development, learning design and delivery, evaluation and impact management

What you can expect when you work with me

Human first

Even when we come with our job titles and organisational responsibilities we are human first, and this is how I’ll meet you in all our interactions. Working with others will likely be critical to our progress and I’ll help you navigate this.


I’m driven by achieving meaningful impact. My contribution is the outcomes I deliver for clients. This means I’ll keep us focused on the choices and actions that make the biggest difference in relation to your goals.

Building capacity

My success depends on your ability to continue achieving great things long after we finish our work together. Whether it means upskilling you or your team or putting new processes in place, I’ll make enabling this a priority.

How we can work together


Expertise & capacity to design, deliver or review impact-focused initiatives


Personalised support to make meaningful change in your work, life or the world


Design & delivery of learning that engages learners and drives practical action

How can I help?

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